Geoscientists Explore the Earth | Earth Science Week 2005
15.06 in HIGH x 27.19 in WIDE
(38.26 cm HIGH x 69.06 cm WIDE)
All Of Us Or None Archive. Gift of the Rossman Family.

One poster with an image of the Earth in the center with spirals of color and images relating to earth science orbiting the earth. The images include photographs of the space shuttle, mars rover, an ocean oil rig, a ship, an airplane, lightening and scientists at work. Along the top is "Geoscientists Explore the Earth" and along the bottom is "Earth Science Week 2005, American Geological Institute, October 9-15, 2005." The bottom right corner has the logos for the American Geological Institute and the USGS. The verso has images and text relating to geoscientists including a list of different scientific jobs, how to be a paleontologist and a list of Earth Science Week supporters and AGI member societies. Lower right corner has a list of photo credits.
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