Stop the U.S. War in El Salvador
16.88 in HIGH x 10.94 in WIDE
(42.86 cm HIGH x 27.78 cm WIDE)
All Of Us Or None Archive. Gift of the Rossman Family.

A small union label for Allied Printing, Inkworks appears at bottom left.

Poster printed in red, light green, and black ink on white paper. A graphic with the "design based on Salvadorean chilos drawing" fills the top half of the page within a red line border. The image includes soldiers in green fatigues shooting people and a helicopter labeled U.S.A. dropping bombs on a burning house. Image text reads "STOP / The U.S. War in El Salvador." Text on the lower half of the page reads: "Protest / Sabado/Saturday, March 18 at 10 AM / Gather at Dolores Park (18th and Dolores, San Francisco) and march to the Federal Building for a rally/Marchar hacia el Edificio Federal / Lunes/Monday, March 20 at 7 AM / Direct Action at the Federal Building/Accion en el Edificio Federal / A National Call to Action / For More Information Call/Para Mas Informacion Llame / The Bay Area Call to Action / 641*9933 or 824*5928." "Go with BFUU'ers to Sat. March 3/18 / Call Bill Balderston 268-8550" handwritten across the center of the page in black ballpoint pen.
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