A Kinder, Gentler Nation?
16.69 in HIGH x 10.81 in WIDE
(42.39 cm HIGH x 27.46 cm WIDE)
All Of Us Or None Archive. Gift of the Rossman Family.

A small union label for Allied Printing #94, Autumn Press appears in small print at bottom right.

Poster contains a black and white photograph where soldiers with rifles are standing along a city street. One soldier stands on a sidewalk in the foreground along the right side of the page. Several other soldiers are visible in the distance on the opposite sidewalk at top left. One of the soldiers stands in the street and faces a line of people that are lying on the ground, face downward, in the middle of the street. Text in large red font at center left reads "A Kinder, Gentler Nation?" and continues below at left "Not a dime for El Salvador's death Squad government." "CISPES National Grassroots Media Campaign P.O. Box 12056, Washington, DC 20005" printed in small text along bottom left edge.George H.W. Bush's used this phrase in his 1988 acceptance speech as Republican presidential candidate, trying to distinguish himself from former president Ronald Reagan. He assured the American people that he would work to make America "a kinder, and gentler nation." [LMC]
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