1983-84 Volunteer Work Brigades to Nicaragua
26.06 in HIGH x 18.31 in WIDE
(66.20 cm HIGH x 46.51 cm WIDE)
All Of Us Or None Archive. Gift of the Rossman Family.

"(c) D. Minkler 1984" printed at bottom center. "07-0209-046" handwritten in graphite on verso, top right.

Multi-color poster printed on white paper. An image of a peach-colored and a brown-colored hand, each holding a long branch with green leaves and red colored berries, appears at center on a red and yellow background. Along the top left "Nicaragua" is printed in red lettering with a font that curves along the side of the image from center left to top center. Text below the image reads: "1983-84 Volunteer Work Brigades to Nicaragua." Two paragraphs of smaller text continue: "The people of Nicaragua are rebuilding their country and creating a society which guarantees the right to a decent life for all its members. The United States government is sponsoring an unjust, undeclared war against Nicaragua. / In response to an emergency call from the Nicaraguan people, hundreds of U.S. citizens volunteered to help in the Nicaraguan coffee and cotton harvest. Join the growing number of North Americans who actively oppose U.S. intervention in Nicaragua and Central America." Contact information for the National Network in Solidarity with the Nicaraguan People is listed at bottom left.
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