U.S. Government Doesn't Know Beans
25.75 in. HIGH x 17.875 in. WIDE
All Of Us Or None Archive. Gift of the Rossman Family.

Bottom center has "Poster produced and distributed by Noe Valley Community Store, 1599 Sanchez SF, CA/ (c) 1984 D. Minkler" printed in black.

Poster has a drawing of two hands holding a long branch with green leaves and red colored berries on it. The background behind is red and yellow. Along the top left is "Nicaragua" in thin red lettering. Below reads, "U.S. Government Doesn't Know Beans/ about getting along iwth our neighbor, Nicaragua. Terrorizing coffee workers and sabotaging sytorage facilities are a few tactics used by the US government to intimidate the Nicaraguan community and destroy its key export crop. In respones, hundresds of US citizens have volunteered to help with the coffee harvest. Support the frowing community fo North Americans wo actively oppose US intervention in Ncaragua. Contact the Nicaraguan Invormation Center at (415) 549-1387."

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