"She Is Living In The Wildest Grace of Wind And Water...."
17.12 in HIGH x 11.38 in WIDE
(43.50 cm HIGH x 28.89 cm WIDE)
All Of Us Or None Archive. Gift of the Rossman Family.

Bottom text reads, "Poster by Judi Morton, B.C. Lesbian Caucus, For the Kootenay Women's Festival (c) 1975."

Poster has a lavender background with purple text. In the center is a drawing of a woman with long hair looking at the sun setting to the right over the ocean and shoreline while the moon is rising to the left. The poem read, "She is living in the wildest grace of wind and water washing and shining her/ time does not hold her/ her time is held for no one/ no one holds her time/ she is here/ alive alone and liking it/ she is taking her time/ watching the tides swelling/ the sun rising sinking setting/ the first evening star/ the moon waxing waning/ the ebbing rising flowing floating sinking turning ever turning/ of so many differet times and/ her own time drifting through them all. - Saeko."
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