The Queers: Beyond the Valley...
c. 2000
18.06 in HIGH x 12.12 in WIDE
(45.88 cm HIGH x 30.80 cm WIDE)
All Of Us Or None Archive. Gift of the Rossman Family.

One poster with the text "The Queers" and "Beyond the Valley..." boarding an image. The color image depicts a rising sun in the background of a Armageddon like image of buildings, a car, a bridge, an airplane and the street sign for Sunset Blvd all smashed in the ground. In the foreground is a man passed out with a bottle in his hand, a television with "Eat at Chef Wong's" displayed on the monitor and skulls on top of it. Beneath the image is "New LP/CD out now!" and along the bottom is "Hopeless Records...Van Nuys,CA...HR643."This punk band was formed in 1982 by Portsmouth, New Hampshire native Joe King (aka Joe Queer) along with Scott Gildersleeve (aka Tulu), and Jack Hayes (aka Wimpy Rutherford). [LMC]
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