Mr. New England Drummer 1990
18.06 in HIGH x 13.19 in WIDE
(45.88 cm HIGH x 33.50 cm WIDE)
All Of Us Or None Archive. Gift of the Rossman Family.

"J.B. Photos" printed at bottom left in photograph.

Poster printed in black ink on white paper. "Mr. New England Drummer 1990" is printed across the top of the page in white against an overall black background. A photograph fills the center of the poster and shows a man standing against a brick wall. The man has tattoos on his arms, a large mustache, and wears pants with no shirt and dark wrist bands. At lower right, a small graphic shows the region of New England in white with an oval at center that contains a man wearing pants, an upper body harness, and a cap standing in front of the text "Mr. Drummer." "Sponsored by Riders M.C. appears in small text below. Text across the bottom of the page reads, "Villa Victoria-85 W.Newton St.-Boston, Mass. / Sunday, August 19-8 PM."
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