Star Studded Night
22.88 in HIGH x 12.00 in WIDE
(58.10 cm HIGH x 30.48 cm WIDE)
All Of Us Or None Archive. Gift of the Rossman Family.

"Photo Courtesy of Falcon Studios" printed vertically along the bottom right side of the photograph. "John Vukas/Creator & Director" printed below the San Francisco skyline graphic.

Poster originally folded in tenths with printing on both sides. One side of the poster has an overall black background with white stars along the upper right and left sides. Small text at top reads, "John Vukas Presents" and continues in large font "Star Studded Night." The word 'studded' appears diagonally in pink cursive font over the word 'star' and two large gray stars flank the word 'night'. A photograph of a shirtless man seen from the waist up appears below within in a white line rectangular border. Text below the image reads, "Galleria Design Center / 101 Henry Adams Street/San Francisco, California / Saturday Night / Thanksgiving Weekend/November 28, 1987/The Moon is in Pisces / 6pm until 6am/Non-Stop Dancing/No-Host Bar / Presenting D.J. Steven Keen / A San Francisco Premiere / Sound: Eric Pariser/Visuals: Greg Fleming & Alan Parkinson / Tickets/Headlines, All American Boy, New York Man, G.W. Finley / Advance Tickets $15/$25 at the Door if Available / Produced by: The New Alive & Hot Company, Inc." The other side of the poster has text and graphics printed along the right half of the page with "A Special Event / One Night Only / Thanksgiving Weekend" printed at top above a graphic of the San Francisco city skyline in silhouette and a star-filled sky. "Galleria / Design Center / San Francisco California" is printed upside-down at upper left to be viewed when the poster is completely folded.
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