The Target Scapegoat
c. 1980
19.94 in HIGH x 13.94 in WIDE
(50.64 cm HIGH x 35.40 cm WIDE)
All Of Us Or None Archive. Gift of the Rossman Family.

Poster printed in black ink on white paper. The page is filled with a shooting target with the image of a human silhouette. A smaller version of the target appears at upper left with a '5' over the center of the silhouette. Text below lists point values for target areas. A grid appears at upper right for tallying the shot values. White circles simuLate shots on the target, with most concentrated in the center rings. Text across the target at top reads, "The Target Scapegoat." Additional text appears around the outline of the silhouette and includes the words: Magickian, Witch Shaman, Priestess Hanged, Wo-Man, Outrageous, Pushy, Uppity, Fag, Fruit, Quee(r/n), Dyke, Lez, You? A small seal for the National Rifle Association and "Official AZ" appears at bottom right. "Western Target Company" and small illegible text appears just below.
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