Leather, Coming of Age, Folsom Street Fair Turns 18
23.94 in HIGH x 17.94 in WIDE
(60.80 cm HIGH x 45.56 cm WIDE)
All Of Us Or None Archive. Gift of the Rossman Family.

"For more information contact SMMILE at 415.861.fair (3247) Fax 415.861.2312 www.folsomstreetfair.com Design: Octotem.com Graphics Michael Wolford Photos: James Scott Geras Nicole Harrington Joe Gallagher" printed across the bottom of the page.

Multi-color poster has an overall black background with a close-up of a piece of leather clothing with silver grommets and lacing. A graphic of a black and blue striped triangle with "SMMILE" in red appears at top center next to "presents" and continues in large font, "Leather / Coming of Age / Folsom Street Fair Turns 18 / Sunday . September 30 . 2001 11am . 6pm." A row of people colored red who are wearing leather outfits and bondage gear is visible below center. Text below the row of people reads, "Frolic Fetish & Fun between 7th & 12th Streets in San Francisco." Below, small text lists the groups who will benefit from the event proceeds, and multiple company logos sponsoring the event are printed across the bottom of the page.
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