Free Marilyn Buck
11.5 in HIGH x 17.25 in WIDE
(29.21 cm HIGH x 43.81 cm WIDE)
All Of Us Or None Archive. Gift of the Rossman Family.

Bottom edge has "FOMB & PARC played no role in the porduction or distribution of this poster."

Small poster that has a red background with an outline of white barbed wire fence. On the right is a black and white photograph of Marilyn Buck's head. The poster reads, "Free Marilyn Buck" in large black and white block lettering. Below reads, "Marilyn Buck is an award winning poet and a sculptor who was convicted of conspiracy for the successful prison escape of Assata Shakur. Assata is a former Black Panther who had been framed for the murder of a police officer and had been serving a life-sentence. In 1985 marilyn was also convicted of conspiracy to commit armed bank robbery in support of the Black liberation movement. In 1989 she was sentenced to an additional 10 years for conspiracy to protest the U.S. invasion of Grenada and Central America by destroying government property. She has been in prision for nearly two decades wtih a total sentence of 80 years. She is incarcerated at the federal women's prison in Dublin, CA where she has translated Spanish for fellow inmates, organized poetry workshops written countless news articles, and completed a bachelor's degree in psychology. She is the author of Resuce the Word, a book of poetry and in 2001 she was the recipient of the PEN Prison Writing Program award. Contact: Marilyn Buck 00482-28S, Unit B, 5701 8th Street, Camp Parks, Dublin, CA 94568/ Outside contact: Friends of Marilyn Buck 1540 Market St. #490 SF CA 94102 - [email protected]/ Prison Activist Resource Center POB 339 Berkeley CA 94701 - www.prisonactivist.org."

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