Coronation 1988: Milionaires, Miners, and Madams
23.88 in HIGH x 17.88 in WIDE
(60.64 cm HIGH x 45.40 cm WIDE)
All Of Us Or None Archive. Gift of the Rossman Family.

Lower right quadrant of drawing has: "Eric Thorn".

Poster is printed in green and brown on white paper. Top of the poster has the text: "Coronation 1988 / Millionaires, Miners / -and- / Madams". Below is a stylized drawing of a male and female figure standing arm in arm. The female has on a long fur trimmed dress that seems to envelop the lower part of the male figure, the female figure also has on a number of jewels , drawn in green. The male figure is wearing a tuxedo with a green cummerbund and bow-tie, and is holding a cigar in his right hand. At the feet of these to figures is a figure dressed as a miner crouched on one knee holding a round object with drawings of a crown and the Golden Gate Bridge and the text: "The Court Of The Golden Gate 1987 / Emperor Patrick & Empress Tina Tanner". The lower right corner of the poster has the text: "The Palace Hotel / San Francisco, California / Saturday, February 20, 1988 * 7:00 P.M. / Tickets: $30.00 & $20.00 - Contact Ken Wright (415) 558-8322 / No one under the age of 21 admitted Not responsible for lost or stolen article / The Imperial Board of Trustees are a standing committee of the Tavern Guild Foundation".
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