The New Sign...Just for Girls
23.81 in HIGH x 16.94 in WIDE
(60.48 cm HIGH x 43.02 cm WIDE)
All Of Us Or None Archive. Gift of the Rossman Family.

"L-664 Easel / L-665 Banner / 'Like' is a Registered Trademark Identifying the Product of the Seven-Up Company" printed at lower left in small print.

Poster printed with pink, yellow, blue, and green ink on white cardboard. Two nested circles appear on top of a bright pink square on the upper portion of the page. The space between the inner and outer circle is divided in twelve sections that each contain a Zodiac symbol. The sections alternate in color between white, pink, yellow, and blue. The white inner circle contains a blue floral logo on a black square that appears above the text, "The new sign?just for girls." A graphic of green soda bottles in a carrying case with "Like / from Seven-Up" on the side appears at lower right. The same floral logo appears on the bottle necks and serves as the dot on 'i' in Like. A blank area at lower left has several prices handwritten in black crayon followed by "[cents] off? / Plus Deposit" printed in black ink. "The first soft drink just for girls" is printed in white font across the bottom of the page in a bright pink band.
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