Let my hands sing
16.62 in HIGH x 10.56 in WIDE
(42.23 cm HIGH x 26.83 cm WIDE)
All Of Us Or None Archive. Gift of the Rossman Family.

Poster consists of black print on blue paper. Image depicts a man in a circle with his hands crossed (similar to the American Sign Language sign for butterfly) in front of his chest. Text below includes "Let My Hands Sing / film / Poems composed in American Sign Language / by Clayton Valli and Karen Wills / lecture / Deaf Cultural Awareness / by Susan Rutherford / Director of Program Planning and Research, Deaf Media, Berkeley, California / Thursday, April 30th  / 8:00pm / Pine Auditorium, Jot Travis Student Union, University of Nevada-Reno" and a short list of sponsors.
DEAF Media was established in 1974 to secure recognition of the arts, culture and language of Deaf America. They also work to provide meaningful access and participation for the Deaf community to Bay Area cultural institutions. The image is of deaf poet, Clayton Valli, now deceased, who went on to become a well-recognized ASL poet. [LMC]
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