The Exception and the Rule
Late 20th - Early 21st Century
10.00 in HIGH x 16.31 in WIDE
(25.40 cm HIGH x 41.43 cm WIDE)
All Of Us Or None Archive. Gift of the Rossman Family.

A small union label for Allied Printing #601, Salsedo Press appears at bottom center.

Poster printed with purple ink on yellow paper. A graphic of a person carrying a large sack up a hill fills the page except for a yellow band across the bottom of the poster. The person appears at center right in a conical hat with the sack slung over one shoulder. A large circle appears overhead at top center. "The Exception and the Rule" is printed along the diagonal slant of the hill that extends from top left to center right. Text continues at lower left, "A Play by Bertolt Brecht Performed by / Bread and Roses Theater / 925 West Diversey Blvd. / Fri. & Sat., November 3,4,10,11 / Information - 477-0642 & 549-7554." "$2.50 / 8:00pm" is printed at bottom right.
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