Rent-a-demo hilft ihnen!
Late 20th century
16.62 in HIGH x 11.75 in WIDE
(42.23 cm HIGH x 29.84 cm WIDE)
All Of Us Or None Archive. Gift of the Rossman Family.

Photocopied poster consisting of black print on white paper. Cartoon image of a crowd of protestors with linked arms and various protest signs in the bottom left corner. All text in German printed in six different rectangles. Text at top reads "Arger mit Nachbarn? Vorgesetzten? / Behorden? Diesem Scheibstaat? / Rent -a-demo / hilft Ihnen! / Ihr freudicher / Demonstrationsservice / schnell & preiswert." Center text rectangle describes the three levels of protests a client can buy; Mini-Demo which last 5 minutes, Standard-Demo includes 30 participants and last 30 minutes, and Super-Gala-Demo provides 100 participants, including 15 punks, and lasts 90 minutes. Bottom right rectangle appears to be an order form.
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