What Happens To A Dream Deferred?
29.00 in HIGH x 23.12 in WIDE
(73.66 cm HIGH x 58.74 cm WIDE)
All Of Us Or None Archive. Gift of the Rossman Family.

Bottom left notes copyright 1969. Bottom right text reads, "Ulozi Enterprizes P.O. Box 637, Manhattanville Station, 365 W. 125th St., N. Y. 10027."

Main image is a black and white photograph of an African American child wearing corduroy pants and a knit sweater. The child is standing in a corner with his/her hand next to his/her cheek. Next to the child is a poem by Langston Hughes that reads, "What happens to a dream deferred?/ Does it dry up/ like a raisin in the sun?/ Or fester like a sore/ And then run?/ Does it stink like rotten meat?/ Or crust and sugar over--/ like a syrupy sweet?/ Maybe it just sags/ like a heavy load,/ Or does it explode?"

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