Warning! S.1 Is Back!
1960 -2010
16.50 in HIGH x 10.50 in WIDE
(41.91 cm HIGH x 26.67 cm WIDE)
All Of Us Or None Archive. Gift of the Rossman Family.

Lower right corner has a small inkworks logo.

Poster is printed on white paper with text and images in red and black. Upper left corner has a diagonal band of red with text in black: "Warning". The top of the poster has text in black: "S.1 / Is Back! / And It has a New Name: / S.1437/HR.6869 / Last year mass opposition stopped Senate Bill One (S.1) - a bill that rewrote the / nation's criminal laws in a way originally approved by John Mitchell & Richard / Nixon. This year that bill has been slightly amended and reintroduced in Congress / with powerful backing. As S.1437, it has already passed the Senate (by a 72-15 / vote) and hearings are now going on in the House. This bill (called HR6869 in the / House) still seriously threatens many of our rights." Bottom of poster has text at left and right and 2 drawings at center. The text on both sides lists examples of how the bill affects various right with 5 headings in red and black: "For Example: / Demonstrating", "For Example: / Psychiatric", "For Example: / Conspiracy", "For Example: / Abortions", and "For Example: / Striking". The top drawing at center shows a stylized sheet of paper pinned up, it has the text: "Bill / Of / Rights" in black with more black lines below indicating smaller text, there is a large red "F" in front of the word: "Rights" and a large red x through the lines below. The lower drawing is of a stop sign with the text: "STOP / 1437". The bottom edge has the text: "For further information contact the Bay Area Coalition to Stop S.1437. P.O. Box 5929, San Francisco, CA 94101 / (415) 626-3131. / And Help Us Demonstrate Against S.1437/HR.6869 / Om May 20th In S.F.".
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