Academic Freedom (1000- 1873)
15.75 in HIGH x 19.50 in WIDE
(40.01 cm HIGH x 49.53 cm WIDE)
All Of Us Or None Archive. Gift of the Rossman Family.

The center of the poster is printed with two areas of text in orange. At left is a large serifed: "A" with the title: "Academic Freedom (1000-1873)" above a justified column of text: "Authority has a nose of wax that can be turned in any direction (Alain / de Lille)...Truth is not opposed to truth ...as falsehood may be opposed to falsity or evil to evil ...but rather all good things are in accord .../ it is not wrong to know, but to do; the evil is to the act and / not the knowledge ...Wherefore the study of every science should be / concerned to be good because that which is good comes from it ...The / first key to wisdom is called interrogation, diligent and unceasing ... by / doubting we are led to inquiry and from inquiry we perceive the truth / (Pierre Abelard) ... Maters should be diligently aware lest, frightened / when there is nothing to be feared, they think they have good reason for / being silent when there is none; few are to be found who can be blamed / for excess in speaking truth, but many indeed for silence ...Do not de- / prive men of freedom of research into truths through which their under- / standing would be in no small measure improved (Godfrey of Fontaines). / ...Those who wish to scrutinize the bosom of nature to the inmost can / hear, here, the books of Aristotle which were forbidden at Paris. What / then will you lack? Scholastic liberty? By no means, since, tied to no one's / apron strings, you will enjoy your own liberty (Masters of Toulouse, Circu- / lar Letter)... A man can err and then his error is to be condemned but his / honor ought to be saved, the scientific effort esteemed, with which he en- / lightens and serves (Desiderius Erasmus) ...If scandal develops because / of truth, it is desirable that we permit scandal to be born, for by it truth will / be left standing (St. Gregory) ...Effective discussion is made sterile by / bondage (Tomasso Campanella) ... Truth, when set over against error, / shines forth only the more clEarly and steadily (Sebastian Franck) ... The / law of banishing for conscience makes us stinke every wheare (George / Downing). ". The right side has a lrge Gothis style: "T" next to and as tall as a narrow, justified column of text: "Those Colleges have been / most flourishing in which the / instruction and discipline have / been most exclusively commit- / ted to their faculties (Jasper / Adams) ... We are not afraid to / follow truth wherever it may / lead, nor to tolerate any error, / as long as reason is left free to / combat it (Thomas Jefferson) / ... It is of great consequence / to the permanent reputation of / this college that students shall / come here with the expectation / of being taught fully, impartial- / ly and honestly, whatever they / are required to learn (Thomas / Cooper) ...We shall effect / nothing lasing or important ex- / cept by and through teachers of / the first order and the highest / repute (George Strong) ...Pro- / fessors are sometimes spoken / of as working for the college. / they are the college (Paul Chad- / bourne).".
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