A Legal Assembly
20.75 in HIGH x 15.38 in WIDE
(52.71 cm HIGH x 39.05 cm WIDE)
All Of Us Or None Archive. Gift of the Rossman Family.

Lower right corner has: "Frank Goad".

Poster is printed with a four rows of rectangular frames of various widths that contain different stylized drawings; some of the drawings span more one frame. The drawings contain both male and female human figures, some nude, as well as abstract forms, some that resemble penises. The upper leftmost frame has the text; "A Legal / Assembly" with a small drawing of a dancing pig and more text: "will mean more to some than to others". The lower leftmost frame has a drawing of a number of flowers with a dark sky full of strange white bean-like shapes. The lower rightmost frame has a drawing of the pubic areas of two figures nEarly touching overlaid with stylized bubbles that have the text: "Yes". The bottom of the poster has text: "Noggin, Crayon, & Dry paint Present 'A Legal Assembly' Eight P.M. Saturday May Sixteenth, Campbell / Hall UCSB A Multi-Media Concert Sponsored By Creative Studies Eleven. Admission Free To Anybody." Bottom edge of poster has text handwritten in black ink: "Midnight - Thursday - The Haybarn".
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