Protect The Rights Of All Californians: Retain the Justices
22.00 in HIGH x 17.00 in WIDE
(55.88 cm HIGH x 43.18 cm WIDE)
All Of Us Or None Archive. Gift of the Rossman Family.

Bottom left text reads, "Printed by the Committee To Retain The Justices--an independent non-partisan group--484 Lake Park Avenue #252, Oakland, CA 94610." Bottom right text reads, "Design by Media/Design," next to a union stamp, Allied 147.

Poster has a blue background with white text. Towards the center are four photographs each with its own caption. Clockwise from the top left: Suastez v. Plastic Dress-up Co (photograph by Jane Scherr)., National Audubon Society v. Superior Court (photograph by Liane Enkelis), In re Marriage of Carney (photograph by Jane Scherr), Marina Point Ltd. v. Wolfson and O'Connor v. Village Green Owners Association (photograph by Jane Scherr). At the bottom is a photograph of the court justices, from left to right: Justice Lucas, Justice Reynoso, Justice Mosk, Chief Justice Bird, Justice Broussard, Justice Grodin, Justice Panelli. Poster reads, "Protect the Rights of All Californians/ Retain the Justices/ Vote Yes Nov. 4th - California Supreme Court."
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