KPFA Public Forum: Thought Control In Media + On Campus: The Science of Coercion
18.88 in HIGH x 15.00 in WIDE
(47.94 cm HIGH x 38.10 cm WIDE)
All Of Us Or None Archive. Gift of the Rossman Family.

Right edge of background image reads, "Baldock/94."

Poster has a brown and white image of the Capitol and a university clock tower in the background with the text at the top that reads, "Top Secret/File/ Unconstitutional/ Policy." To the right is a text box that reads, "KPFA Public Forum/ Thought Control In Media + On Campus/ The Science of Coercion*/ presenting Christopher Simpson/ *National Jewish Book Award*/ Author of Blowback/ America's Recruitment of Nazis and its Effect on the Cold War/ Jane Hunter, Investigative Journalist/ David Salniker, Pacifica Radio Ex. Director, Ret./ Mitch Ritter, Investigative Journalist." Rest of the text provides date (August 7), time, location (Berkeley/Richmond Jewish Community Center), and donation information. Bottom text reads, "This open forum concerns the ongoing psychological warfare collaboration between our government, universities, and mass media, as cold war systems of thought-control persist. Public participation is invided: this will be recorded and broadcast by KPFA. Central to the discussion is Christopher Simpson's new book, Science of Coercion, just published by Oxford University Press."
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