An Evening of Tenderness with Eduardo Galeano
23.00 in HIGH x 17.50 in WIDE
(58.42 cm HIGH x 44.45 cm WIDE)
All Of Us Or None Archive. Gift of the Rossman Family.

Poster is printed on white paper with text and images in orange and green. The top of the poster has text in green: "W.W. Norton Publishers / The Express & independent bookstores / Black Oak, City Lights, Cody's, Diesel, Kepler's / Modern Times, Moe's, Pegasus / Printers Inc & Walden Pond / present: un an / abrazo embrace" with two small stylized drawings of the sun with human facial features. The center of the poster has a stylized drawing of a fish in profile; the fish is holding a large orange umbrella under its fin. Below the drawing is text in green: "An Evening of Tenderness / with", in orange: "Eduardo Galeano", and in green again: "the great Uruguayan author of memory of Fire, / a poetic, myth-enriched history of our / troubled hemisphere, brings us / The Book of Embraces". The bottom of the poster has a small drawing of a clown or jester and more text in green: "April 12 / Friday 8 pm / International House / 2299 Piedmont / Berkeley / April 13 / Saturday 8 pm / Victoria Theater / 2961 16th Street / San Francisco / donation $6 Benefit: KPFA community radio / Tickets in Berkeley: Black Oak & Cody's, / S,F.: City lights & modern Times".
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