26.12 in HIGH x 8.25 in WIDE
(66.36 cm HIGH x 20.95 cm WIDE)
All Of Us Or None Archive. Gift of the Rossman Family.

Left edge of top drawing has: "D. Minkler 2000". Bottom of bottom drawing has: "D. Minkler 2000".

The top of the poster has a colorful, highly stylized drawing with two figures. The figure at left has the body of an octopus, a long snout like nose, and blackened eyes. Above the figure at left is an arc of text: "Pete 'Leathal Injection' Wilson". The figure at right is dressed like a police officer and is holding a baton. Above the figure at right is an arc of text: "Gray 'Id Execute kids' Davis". Below the drawing is text in black: "What's Good for the Politicians / Isn't Good for our Children / Prop 21 is part of a political scheme to attack a vulnerable group, our / youth, and particularly children of color. Prop 21 subjects children as young / as 14 to incarceration in adult prisons, with the attendant risks associated / with mixing adult and juvenile offenders in the same punitive setting. Each / successive hate initiative like prop 187 and 209 emboldens our White / Wing politicians to design even more hate driven draconian legislation. / Vote No on 21". Below this in a very small font is text describing the poster as a product of a collaborative project between the artist and an attorney named Aram James, info about the poster and how to order copies. The bottom of the poster has a colorful highly stylized drawing of a figure in suit and tie, the figure has a cartoon like, angry, red face; there are multiple claw like protrusions from the figures torso one has a coiled rope hanging from it another seems to be holding a gavel. The figure is holding a torch in their right hand. Below the drawing is the text; "Rabid Homophobes / Armed, Organized, & Dangerous / Prop 22 dictates a homophobic definition of marriage to our / society. This hate law is just one more in a series of attacks / on every ones civil rights. Stop them here and Now!! / Vote No on 22". Below this the text relating to the poster from above is repeated".
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