We Celebrate Women's Struggles: We Celebrate People's Victories.
16 in HIGH x 20 in WIDE
(40.64 cm HIGH x 50.80 cm WIDE)
All Of Us Or None Archive. Gift of the Rossman Family.

Bottom right corner has: " Published by Inkworks Press / 4220 Telegraph Ave., Oakland, CA 94609 / Design by Susan Shapiro / Printed by Gonna Rise Again / Graphics "

Poster has text at top edge: " We Celebrate Women's Struggles / We Celebrate People's Victories. " Below is a depiction of a line of people on a hill holding hands. The figure at the front of the line is carrying a red flag that has a symbol for woman that contains a star. Below is the text: "The mountain is only so high... / our capacity is without limit. / The stars move; our will is unshakable! / Inscription on the walls of a cell: Con Son Women's Prison, South Viet Nam / (Liberated April 30 1975) " This poster was popular enough that an offset version was also produced in larger numbers. [LMC]
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