Gay In America: A 16-day Special Report
22.25 in HIGH x 13.62 in WIDE
(56.51 cm HIGH x 34.61 cm WIDE)
All Of Us Or None Archive. Gift of the Rossman Family.

Bottom left text reads, "(c) 1989, San Francisco Examiner, all rights reserved." Bottom right text reads, "Poster design: Gordon Studer/ Photographs: Chris Hardy."

Poster has a white background with black text. In the center is an image of the American flag surrounded by five rows of photographs of people lined up in groups. Poster reads at the top, "Gay In America/ A 16-day special report." At the bottom, poster reads, "What is it like to live as a gay person in America 20 years after the Stonewall riots knocked down the closet doors and forced the nation to confront its most virulently disliked minority? In an unprecedented 16-day report, the staff of the San Francisco Examiner has talked to thousands of people in the Bay Area and across the country to study gay Americans, American society and their uneasy intersection. Beginning June 4. Only in The Examiner." The border text reads, "San Francisco Examiner," at the top and, "June 1989," at the bottom.
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