offset lithograph | paper ~ white ~ black ~ yellow ~ red
20th Century
23.50 in HIGH x 17.62 in WIDE
(59.69 cm HIGH x 44.77 cm WIDE)
All Of Us Or None Archive. Gift of the Rossman Family.

Bottom edge right has: "Marin County Civic Center - San Raphael". Bottom edge right has: "(c) Malaquias Montoya ".

Poster has three distinct horizontal sections. The top section has a red background and across the bottom a silhouetted figure in black laying with an open mouth and an arm dangling into the middle section. Text in yellow across the top edge of the figure reads: "George Jackson Lives". The middle section of the poster has a yellow background and five silhouetted figures in black seen in profile with shackles and chains around their necks and white cloth tied over their mouths. The bottom section of the poster has a yellow background, at top is text in white: "Those Who Brought You The Murder Of George Jackson / The State Of California Presents The Trial Of The", below is large stylized text in red with droplets of blood: "San Quentin Six". Bottom edge has text in white: "Featuring: -Racism- -Facism- -Injustice-".
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