Correspond With A Radical Prisoner
17.50 in HIGH x 22.62 in WIDE
(44.45 cm HIGH x 57.47 cm WIDE)
All Of Us Or None Archive. Gift of the Rossman Family.

Loer right corner has text in white: "art by: / Kevin (Rashid) Johnson #185492 / Red Onion State Prison PO Box 1900 / Round, VA 24279". Top edge center has text in black: "Rashid / P/O/W / 7- 97 '02".

Poster is has an unprinted border overall. The poster is printed overall with a montage of stylized drawings in black and white. The left side has the face of a Native American Indian, a mother nursing her child, an oil well, a child dresses as a soldier holding a flag, a coffin, a man sitting cross-legged, a man with crosshairs overlaid on his face, a child eating with chopsticks, and Martin Luther King J. overlaid on a map of the eastern half United States of America. The right side has two human hands, and a silhouetted image of a group of figures with guns overlaid with an image of Malcom X. The left edge of the montage has the text: "Correspond With A Radical Prisoner: contact Alan. 818 SW 3rd Ave. PMB# 354. Portland, OR. 97211. for list of addresses. Lower left corner of montage has a field of white with text in black: " 'At the end of this massive collective / struggle, we will uncover our new man, the / unpredictable culmination of the revolutionary / process. He will be better equipped to wage / the real struggle, the permanent struggle after / the revolution - the one for new relationships / between men.' G.J.". The center of the poster has text in black: " 'As For Love Of Mankind, There Has Been No / Such All - Embracing Love Since The Human Race / Was Divided Into Classes. The Ruling Classes / Have Reached Universal Love, As Did Tolstoy. / But No One Has Ever Been Able To practice It / Because IT Cannot Be Attained / In A Class Society.' ". Poster was part of a news paper verso has text and images relating to politics.
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