Black People A Nation Behind Bars
22.25 in HIGH x 17.50 in WIDE
(56.51 cm HIGH x 44.45 cm WIDE)
All Of Us Or None Archive. Gift of the Rossman Family.

Poster is printed on pink paper overall with text and images in red, black, and gray. The top of the poster has the text: "Black People / A Nation Behind Bars" with two small black triangles, one on either side of the upper line of text. Below is a large stylized drawing of an African American man, woman, and child behind prison bars, the lock pLate of the bars has 14 stars, and resembles the American flag. The background of the drawing is red with the small silhouetted image of a skyline at top. On either side of the figures is text in small black letters that reLates details of the advertised event. The bottom of the poster has text in large red and black letters: "Smash Colonial Violence! / Build The African National / Prison Organization (ANPO) / Attend The Nov. 18-19 Mass Meeting / In San Francisco At The New College Of Law / 777 Valencia St. 8:30 AM 'Til 5:00 PM".
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