Mister Smith Goes To Obscuristan
c. 2002
19.19 in HIGH x 10.12 in WIDE
(48.74 cm HIGH x 25.72 cm WIDE)
All Of Us Or None Archive. Gift of the Rossman Family.

Printed signature at bottom left in graphic reads, "SPAIN '02." A recycling symbol and a small union label for Allied Printing #147 Inkworks Press are printed at bottom right.

Multi-color poster printed on white paper. The top edge of the poster has a drawing of bundles of grain, gears, and a scythe overlaid with a banner that has the text: "The San Francisco Mime Troupe." A red star on a black background in a blue circle appears in the center of the banner. A red border frames text and graphics in two sections below. The top section has a yellow background with text that reads, "Mister Smith / Goes To / Obscuristan." A graphic in the lower sections on the bottom half of the page shows a male figure in a blue suit. The figure is seen from behind, and he is holding a briefcase adorned with the American flag. At mid-ground in the image, a second male figure in a brown suit, green sash, and gray hat walks toward the first figure with his arm outstretched. A large crowd appears behind him and includes a film crew and a man in Middle Eastern garb with an automatic weapon. Architecture such as minaret and dome are visible against a blue sky behind the crowd in the background.
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