Caution* Keep Out Of The Reach Of Children
22.75 in HIGH x 16.00 in WIDE
(57.78 cm HIGH x 40.64 cm WIDE)
All Of Us Or None Archive. Gift of the Rossman Family.

Bottom text reads, "For copies of this poster and DDT information, send $1.00 to Ecology Center, 2179 Allston Way, Berkeley, California 94701. (c) 1969 by Ecology." Left edge text reads, "photo/eli leon." Verso has articles.

Poster has a white and green background with black text. Main image is of a naked, pregnant woman. On her breast, text reads, "Caution* Keep Out Of The Reach Of Children." In the green bordered box toward the bottom, text reads, "Milk in such containers may be unfit for human consumption/ DDT. Content .10 to .30 parts per million in milk of nursing mothers (2 to 6 times the amount allowed in milk for commerical sale)."
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