Ethnic Cleansing: Three Reichs and You're Out
18.25 in HIGH x 11.50 in WIDE
(46.35 cm HIGH x 29.21 cm WIDE)
All Of Us Or None Archive. Gift of the Rossman Family.

Bottom edge of drawing has: "D. Minkler 1999".

Multi-color poster shows an image of a frowning judge with a gavel at top center. The figure appears on a red background with wavy lines around the figure's shoulders. A yellow oval behind the figure's head with "California" at top shows a blue and gray prison building. "Ethnic Cleansing" is printed in large red gothic calligraphy at center with "Three Reichs and You're Out" below in smaller black font. Below, two columns of small text on a yellow and white background discuss the three strikes law. The bottom of the poster has text in blue: "Three Strikes Out!" and a statement in small print that provides information on Citizens to Elect Our Public Defender and notes that the print is an art/law collaboration between poster maker Doug Minkler and Attorney Aram James.
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