The Pledge of Allegiance
Late 20th - Early 21st Century
22.12 in HIGH x 17.00 in WIDE
(56.20 cm HIGH x 43.18 cm WIDE)
All Of Us Or None Archive. Gift of the Rossman Family.

Bottom left corner: "(c) Carson-Dellosa CD-6111".

Poster is printed on white paper. The front of the poster has a blue background with black text in the top right corner that reads: "The Pledge Of Allegiance / I pledge allegiance / to the flag / of the United States of America, / and to the Republic ? for which it stands, / one nation under God, / indivisible, / with liberty / and justice for all.". To the left of and below the text is an outdoor scene with the American flag and a diverse group of people reciting the pledge with their hands over their hearts. There is also a dog and cat participating in the plegde. On the back of the poster is black text on a white background describing history of the flag and the Pledge of Allegiance. The back also outlines several activities a parent or teacher could have children participate in reLated to the Pledge of Allegiance.
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