Antifa Woche Im SO36
Late 20th Century
23.50 in HIGH x 16.50 in WIDE
(59.69 cm HIGH x 41.91 cm WIDE)
All Of Us Or None Archive. Gift of the Rossman Family.

Bottom left text reads, "der Erlos geht an Antifa-Jugendinfo, Antifa-Infoblatt, Antifasist Genclik, Grenzenlos/BAZ."

Poster has a blue and white background with black text. Main image is mirrored along the horizontal line and depicts four individuals who are carrying shields and some weapons. Behind them is a city skyline. IN the center is text written in black marker and reads, "Antifa Woche im So36/ gegen Rassismus, Sexismus U. Soziale/ Augrenzung/ VOM 28.10.-4.11.90/ 1000 West-Berline 36." Most of text is written in German.
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