Sanctuary Solidarity with Central America
24.88 in HIGH x 18.69 in WIDE
(63.18 cm HIGH x 47.47 cm WIDE)
All Of Us Or None Archive. Gift of the Rossman Family.

Multi-color poster on white paper. "Sanctuary Solidarity" is printed in large reddish-orange capital letters at top and continues at bottom, "with Central America." Small black font at upper right notes the date of September 28, 1986. An image of two arms holding candles appears at center. The arms extend into the page from the right side, with one in a black sleeve and the other in a purple sleeve with a yellow and green decorated cuff. The candles have orange haloes of light that appear behind the flames; the haloes are opaque and are aligned diagonally on the page. A smaller graphic at bottom shows a stylized landscape with a half circle reddish-orange sun at center. Seven figures appear in black silhouette, with three at left and four at right. The two groups walk toward the center of the landscape, with the figure at the front of each group reaching their arms out toward one another.
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