Death or Exile, Guatemala
27.00 in HIGH x 19.25 in WIDE
(68.58 cm HIGH x 48.90 cm WIDE)
All Of Us Or None Archive. Gift of the Rossman Family.

Poster printed with purple, pink, and black ink on off-white paper. The page has a background in pale pink and white that shows an image of three vehicles in a mottled landscape. A black and pink graphic at bottom shows a crowd of people's faces, with several holding up reddish-pink flowers. One hand in the foreground at bottom left holds two flowers that extend to the top of the page. A quote from March 22, 1979 by Francisco Villagran Kramer, the Vice President of Guatemala, is printed at top in large font opposite the two flowers: "Death or exile / is the fate of those who fight for justice in / Guatemala." Several paragraphs of small text are printed at upper right. Text begins, "Since 1966 as many as 20,000 Guatemalans have been kidnapped and murdered by official security forces and by paramilitary death squads." Text at lower right provides contact information for Amnesty International and lists two addresses for sending letters of concern to Exmo. Lic. Carlos Alarcon Monsanto and Exmo. General Fernando Romeo Lucas Garcia.

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