Oil Wars
11.00 in HIGH x 14.50 in WIDE
(27.94 cm HIGH x 36.83 cm WIDE)
All Of Us Or None Archive. Gift of the Rossman Family.

Printed in the bottom margin from left to right: "(c) Copyright 1990 by Charles Lobdell," "Oil Wars," and "For more posters send $1 ea. To Artist, Box 624, Occidental CA 95465."

Black and white poster has an unprinted white border around a drawing of a landscape. Text at top center reads, "A Short, Short Time Acoming in a / Country Not Too Far Away_It's Time For.. / Oil Wars." "Oil Wars" is printed in a font similar to the "Star Wars" motion picture opening crawl. A portrait bust that is half George H.W. Bush and half Saddam Hussein sits on a cracked column at right. The bust is labeled "Citizen Who's Sane?" and the column is labeled "Here L[i]es [the] Old Order." Two people stand at the bottom of the column looking up at the statue with speech bubbles that read "Looks like the oilagarchy is crumbling..." and "Where's ol' Orson (Oil) Welles when you need him?" A space ship labeled "Big Pie in the Sky" is visible at top left. Two aircraft fly from the ship, shooting at the land below. Speech bubbles coming from the aircraft read, "Hey Lube, let's get this little last war for the world over with, so we can go back to that galaxy, far, far away..." and "No way, Hands_I wanna fight to the bittersweet end to make the universe safe for capitalism!" An atomic mushroom cloud appears on the horizon line at center left, and other explosions are visible on the ground near the horizon line across the page. The area at lower left is labeled "Oil Mine Field / (It's Mine, All Mine in the Mind)" and has oil cans and barrels partially sunk into the ground. A diagonal line below center in the landscape is marked, "Bush's Line Drawn in the Sand." Large groups of soldiers and military equipment appear in rows on either side of the line. Text in the style of movie credits is printed across the bottom of the page and begins, "U.S./U.S.S.R Inc. Presents Oil wars Starring Tom Cruisemissle as Lube Oilslicker...."
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