Sisters Of Survival
c. 1982
11.06 in HIGH x 16.75 in WIDE
(28.10 cm HIGH x 42.54 cm WIDE)
All Of Us Or None Archive. Gift of the Rossman Family.

"Design, Anne Gauldin/Collage, Sue Maberry / Women's Graphic Center, Los Angeles" printed at bottom center.

Double-sided black and white poster. One side contains a graphic of a nun with her mouth covered and labeled with the text, "NOTHING TO SAY." Part of a mushroom cloud is just visible to the left of her head. The black robes of the nun extend along the bottom of the page and transition into a stylized landscape. Four small nuns in white outfits walk along the nun's "shoulder" at center, and another in dark robes holds up a megaphone to her mouth at center left. A paragraph of small text at upper left begins, "Sisters Of Survival is not an order of Catholic nuns. Rather, we are a group of feminist performance artists who use the nun image symbolically, clothing ourselves in the colors of the rainbow. The paragraph ends, "We feel that it is now crucial for women everywhere to be active in reversing the destructive direction towards war and insist on the generation of peaceful interactions worldwide. It is in the spirit of creating a North American-Western European women's and artists' community committed to disarmament that we ask you to take part in this project with us." Short quotes by Anton Chekhov and Dr. Helen Caldicott are printed at top left. A description and schedule of a three-part exchange titled "End of the Rainbow" is printed at bottom left. A mailing address for Sisters Of Survival in Los Angeles is printed at bottom right. The back of the poster contains photos and text of feminist performances by the Sisters Of Survival, The Waitresses, and the Feminist Art Workers.
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