Par_monos Juntos: Stand Together: Defeat the AIDS Quarantine and English Only Initiatives!
21.25 in HIGH x 16.75 in WIDE
(53.97 cm HIGH x 42.54 cm WIDE)
All Of Us Or None Archive. Gift of the Rossman Family.

Right edge has "Fireworks". Bottom edge has: "Labor Donated", "For more information call 821-9087".

Top edge of poster has text in red: "Par_monos Stand / Juntos Together" and Asian characters in red. The center of the poster has a drwawing of four male figures in red pushing a large red and black circle with a slash through it. Inside the circle two male figures are depicted grimacing or shouting and giving the fascist salute. The bottom edge of the poster has the text: "Defend Our / Communities! / Stop 63 and 64! / Defeat the AIDS Quarentine / and English Only Initiatives! / Stand Together Coalition Against the AIDS Quarantine and English Only Initiatives".
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