Resource Reality
Late 20th - Early 21st Century
22.00 in HIGH x 17.00 in WIDE
(55.88 cm HIGH x 43.18 cm WIDE)
All Of Us Or None Archive. Gift of the Rossman Family.

Top left: "1. UN 116972/NASA 2. UN 15377/Rick Sammon 3. UN 107034/ 4. UN 135640/Jerry Frank 5. UN 153438/John Meir".

Poster is printed on white paper.Poster has an irregular orange textured design. At the top of the poster is black text that reads: "Resource Reality / Earth is unique -- as far as we know. / Its resources are limited -- for sure / Misuse of any is a threat to all of us. / Managing supply and demand / for everyone's benefit is essential for / everyone's security". Below this text is a collage of images. One is an image of earth from the moon, men in a coal mining shaft, a man scuba diving and other man plowing a field with bison.
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