Michael McClure's "The Beard"
18 in HIGH x 13.75 in WIDE
(45.72 cm HIGH x 34.92 cm WIDE)
All Of Us Or None Archive. Gift of the Rossman Family.

Bottom edge has "'Singing Mothers' 621-1944 Photo by Ben Spicer The Bindweed Press, San Francisco Fried '67."

Poster has a blue border around a red background. The top has "Michael McClure's The Beard" printed in red. In the center is a blue and white oval shaped photograph of a man and woman. Around the photograph in blue is "With Richard Bright as Billy the Kid & Billie Dixon as Jean Harlow/ Dinkelspiel Auditorium Stanford University Campus/ Over 18 only please Tickets $2.50/ Freeborn Hall Memorial Hall University of California Davis." The bottom has "Palo Alto Apr 19th 8:30 PM Reservations 321-2300 ext 4317 - Davis Thurs. May 4th 8:30 PM Reservations 752-1915." The artist is possibly Bob Fried. This play, first shown in San Francisco and later in Berkeley, drew the censorial wrath of the police who repeatedly arrested performers for obscenity. It was one of the last efforts to enforce 1950s-style sexual mores. This is the San Francisco showing. [LMC]
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