To Negate Independence / Is to Incite Violence!
17.00 in HIGH x 11.00 in WIDE
(43.18 cm HIGH x 27.94 cm WIDE)
All Of Us Or None Archive. Gift of the Rossman Family.

The word "Fireworks" is printed above ths shoulder of a figure in the bottom right of the poster.

This is a red poster with white text and a black image of a machine gun, soldiers, and a male figure. The machine gun extends at an angle from the bottom left edge to the top right edge and the figures are along the bottom 1/3 of the poster. Large, white text at the top reds "To Negate Independence / Is To Incite Violence!" Below and to the left, smaller white text reads "Speaking: / Jose Lopez / National Coordinator / Movimiento de Liberaci?n Nacional (MLN)" followed by a San Francisco address and schedule for a "dinner" and "program". Larger, white text below this reads "Independence And Socialism / For Puerto Rico! / Socialist Reunification of / Mexico!". Sponsors are listed as "Movimiento de Liberaci?n Nacional (MLN) / California Committee Against Repression / New Movement In Solidarity with Puerto Rican Independence and Socialism" in the bottom left corner along with a number to call for more information. The bottom right corner gives a suggested donation amount and cost for dinner.

The featured speaker is the director of Chicago's Puerto Rican Cultural Center and brother of imprisoned Puerto Rican nationalist Oscar Lopez Rivera. [LMC]

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