The Making and / Remaking / of Mexico
12.75 in HIGH x 21.00 in WIDE
(32.38 cm HIGH x 53.34 cm WIDE)
All Of Us Or None Archive. Gift of the Rossman Family.

Bottom right edge has "poster design Esther Gabara".

This is a horizontally-oriented poster divided into 3 sections. The leftmost section is a grayscale photograph of a girl sitting on a wall with a walled city in the background. The middle section is a darkened mirror image of the same photograph. The rightmost section is the same image in red shades of red and white and in its original orientation. Large, red text across the left two sections reads "The Making and / Remaking / of Mexico", with "Remaking" oriented vertically along the border between the two versions of the image. Black text over the rightmost section reads "Rethinking History, Culture, / and Politics in the 20th / Century / with keynote speakers / Lorenzo Meyer / and / Carlos Monsiv?is". Two paragraphs below give details for the conference and list other presenters. "Stanford University / November 13-15, 1997" is below in bold. Contact information is at the bottom.
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