Independence for Puerto Rico
22.69 in HIGH x 17.12 in WIDE
(57.63 cm HIGH x 43.50 cm WIDE)
All Of Us Or None Archive. Gift of the Rossman Family.

In the bottom left corner is a union label for Glad Day Press Union Shop Industrial Workers of the World I.U. 450." Under the flags is "For ticket information contact: Puerto Rican Solidarity Day Committee."

Poster consists of yellow, orange, black, red and light blue print against a dark blue background on white paper. Majority of poster has a dark blue background with yellow text listing the participants of the "National Day of Solidarity with Puerto Rico / Sunday-October 27 - 12 noon for a Bi-Centennial Without Colonies!" and a large yellow and orange star with the text "Independence for Puerto Rico" on it. Along the bottom is a row of 8 waving Puerto Rican flags with the text "dedicated to the Puerto Rican Nationalist Political Prisoners Lolita Lebr?n, Oscar Collazo, Rafael Cancel Miranda, Irvin Flores & Andr?s Figueroa" under the image. On the bottom is the logo for Madison Square Garden.

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