Wanted Your Signature Against Torture In Uruguay
26.00 in HIGH x 16.00 in WIDE
(66.04 cm HIGH x 40.64 cm WIDE)
All Of Us Or None Archive. Gift of the Rossman Family.

The center of the poster has six photographs of people, 5 men and one woman, organized around a detail map showing Uruguay's location between Argentina and Brazil. Under each photograph is text, relating information about the individual pictured and the circumstances of their death. The bottom of the poster has text in black: "These Uruguayans Were Tortured To Death / By their Own government / For More Information: Amnesty International U.S.A. / Campaign for the Abolition of Torture - Uruguay 1976 / 2112 Broadway Rm 309 3618 Sacramento St / NY NY 10023 (212) 787 8906 San Francisco CA 94118 (415) 563 Free".
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