Ley Zapatista Revolucionaria De La Mujer: Zapatista Revolutionary Law For Women
24.00 in HIGH x 18.00 in WIDE
(60.96 cm HIGH x 45.72 cm WIDE)
All Of Us Or None Archive. Gift of the Rossman Family.

Bottom edge left has a small GCIU union label with: "(R) 32-42 / Syracuse N.Y.". The bottm edge has: "Poster #P503CW (c) 1999 by SCW. Photo by Araceli Herrera. Translation by Alicia Swords. Thanks to Franklin Curbelo and National PEace Action. Framed poster, notecard, postcard available. Tools for Change catalog ($1) from: Syracuse Cultural Workers (SCW), Box 6367, Syracuse NY 13217 USA (315)474-1132 FREE Fax (877)265-5399. www.syrculturalworkers. org / To get involved: Mexico Solidarity Network (773)583-7728 www.mexicosolidarity.org Proudly printed by union labor on REAL recycled paper with post consumer content. 9/99.". Bottom edge right has a small recycled symbol.

The background of the poster is brown. The poster has two columns of text, one on either side of a photograph at center. The photo shows two rows of masked women holding sticks standing in a road, there is a row of male figures behind the women. The column of text at left is in Spanish the column of text at right reads: " Zapatista / Revolutionary / Law For / Women / First. Women, regard- / less of their race, creed, / skin color or political / affiliation, have the / right to participate in / the revolutionary strug- / gle, in the place and to / the degree their willing- /ness and ability permit. / Second. Women have / the right to work and / receive a just pay for / their labor. Third. / Women have the right / to decide the number of / children they will bear / and care for. Fourth. / Women have the right / to participate in com- / munity affairs and hold / political office if they / are elected freely and / democratically. Fifth. / Women and their chil- / dren have the right to / Primary Medical / Care in health and / food issues. Sixth. / Women have the right / to education. / Seventh. Women / have the right to choose / their spouses and not to / be forced into marriage. / Eighth. No woman / may be hit or be physi- / cally abused neither by / relatives nor strangers. / Rape assaults and actu- / al rapes will be severely / punished. Ninth. / Women may hold lead- / ership positions in the / organization and hold / military rankings in the / Revolutionary Armed / Forces. Tenth. Women / will have all the rights / and obligations set by / the revolutionary laws / and regulations.". The text continues in a smaller font, with information about the Zapatista Army Of National Liberation (EZLN) and the First Zapatista Uprising. The bottom of the poster, at center below the photograph, has text in black: "A todas le pedimos / que luchen con nosotras. / We ask all women to / struggle with us. / Comandante Ramona, EZLN / Adopted March 1993, Chiapas, Mexico".
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