28.75 in HIGH x 25 in WIDE
(73.02 cm HIGH x 63.50 cm WIDE)
Gift of the Border Angels

Border Angels "Angels De La Frontera" "Who Would Jesus Deport?" "www.borderangels.com"

From Isabel Monta_o, Volunteer Coordinator for the Border Angels: "The cap [2010.60.2] and shirts [2010.60.1 and .3] were worn on the field meaning (when we traveled to the desert, did our outreach, marches, fundraiser, presentations and to many events)....Enrique [Morones, Border Angels founder] wore this shirt just a little over 2 months ago, this is a very popular shirts we know refer to it as the "Jesus" shirt." One long sleeve size XL black t-shirt with the Border Angels logo on the font left chest in white printing. The logo is made up of the words "Border Angels" with a stylized capital "B" and "A" that make the shape of an angel wings. Below that is the name in spanish, "Angeles De La Frontera." On the back of the t-shirt is an image all in white of Jesus Christ with a large cross behind him, wearing a small cross around his neck and a bleeding heart on his chest. Above Jesus is the sentence "Who Would Jesus Deport?" Beneath Jesus is a line of barbed wire/thorns with "www.borderangels.com" written underneath it. The nape of the neck holds a white tag by Gildan and a white tag underneath with size and care instructions in Spanish, French and English. (TKP 12/30/2010)

Used: Border Angels | Enrique Morones

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