Coupon Cookery
9.25 in|9.25 in HIGH x 6.25 in|19.5 in WIDE x .5 in DEEP
(23.49 cm|23.49 cm HIGH x 15.87 cm|49.53 cm WIDE x 1.27 cm DEEP)
Gift of Susan Gee Rumsey

A: Red buckram cook book "Coupon Cookery" by Prudence Penny, copright 1943 by Hearst Publications, Inc., A Desanco Book, Made in the U.S.A., Murray & Gee, Inc., Hollywood, California, Publishers. The book is illustrated with black and white drawings and features recipies. However the first focus of the publication seems to be to teach the reader (primarily housewives) how to stretch their food war ration coupons in order to get the best nutritional value and monetary value for their families. B: The book jacket is made of white paper, printed in red, blue and black. "Coupon Cookery" "The NEW Book of Ration-revised Recipes and Menus In cluding a Handy CHANGEABLE Table of Point-values for ALL foods..." by Prudence Penny. A ration book and ration stamps are part of the cover design on the front. The back offers "...Wartuime Helps...How to Whip Evaporated Milk, How to Substitute Sour Milk or Cream for Sweet, ...How to Extend Butter, How to Substitute Baking Powder for Egg, ...How to Substitute Cocoa for Chocolate, How to Use Ration Coupons, How to Can Fruits and Vegetables in Wartime, How to Dehydrate Vegetables, How to Make a Good Cup of Coffee..."

During World War II those on the homefront were issued ration books, which limited the quantity of certain goods that could be acquired. Examples of some of the foods rationed: sugar, butter, coffee, meat.

Used: cooking | Della Maggert ~ housewife | Oakland

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