c,. 1940
1. in HIGH
(2.54 cm HIGH)
GIft of Alicia Rivera

The H. C. Capwell Co., Oakland, California. Kaynee

This is a three piece outfit for a young boy (age 4-6 years). A: Shirt, made of a cream colored textured fabric with a tan collar, short sleeves , left breast pocket (top of which is trimmed with tan) with crossed flags decorating the pocket in tan and red, their handles are embroidered. (The flags "fly" from the pocket only the part by the "pole" is stitched to the garment.) The shirt buttons down the front with three dark brown buttons. There is a seam at the waist with six white buttons. (These buttons button on to the pants.) B: Pants, short (slightly above the knee), made of tan textured fabric. Fly front is small, is made with a deep fold, and has no buttons nor a zipper. There are two in seam pockets, one on either side in the front. In the rear there is one inset pocket on the proper right side, lined in white. Six button holes at the waist accept the buttons from the shirt, and seven belt loops. C: Belt, matches the pants, has 2 silver colored metal "D" rings.

Used: Manuel Rivera III | Child

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